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The easiest way to suppress the truth of the God who transcends nature is to reject the transcendence of nature….

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For The Sake of the Youth: Part I

After the SCOTUS decision, Kevin DeYoung of The Gospel Coalition posted a blog titledĀ 40 Questions for Christians Waving Rainbow Flags….

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The Next Fight for Independence

Independence Day Today is America’s 4th of July celebration. Americans everywhere (on the streets, in their homes, on social media)…

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Ya, What He Said

The tide is settling from the Supreme Court decision. My Facebook has less rainbows, and Facebook debates have transitioned to…

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My Thoughts and Experiences on My First Time Open-Air Preaching: Denver Pridefest 2015

On Saturday June 20th, 2015 I left with two brothers to Denver for the annual Denver Pridefest. Pridefest is a…

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The Necessity of Disobedience

It has been clearly demonstrated throughout human history that without God, objective morality cannot exist. This is typically accepted by…

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Leviathans and eyeworms

I am writing this on May 30th, 2015. A friend of mine linked me to a disturbing article about the…

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What the Abortion Debate Tells Us about Apologetics

For the longest time, the abortion debate had been centered around whether a fetus is a human being or not….

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Why Cry Over Children When You Can Cry Over Chickens?

  In case you’re unable to watch the video: a woman named Kelly walks into a restraunt and demands everyone’s…

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Innate Morality?

A common theme for naturalists scrambling to find a justification for the morality they appeal to everyday is to claim…