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Tomi Lahren, Joe Rogan, & Leslie Jones on Alabama’s Abortion Laws

In this episode I refute critics of Alabama’s abortion laws, and I recommend to you the doxology. Play in…

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A “Christian Minister” Denies All Christian Doctrine

The New York Times is no bastion of conservative, Christian journalism, and they set out to reinforce that Easter 2019….

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Nike is Crazy

In this episode I explain why Nike’ new ad is a Trojan horse for egalitarian craziness, and I recommend you…

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┬áSpirit of Unbelief Every generation and culture has a spirit of unbelief, but the manifestation of unbelief in every generation…

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A Woman Talks to Children about Murdering Her Child

In this episode I examine a viral video of a woman indoctrinating children about the morality of murdering her baby,…

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Early Rain Church’s Faithful Disobedience: Latent Postmillennialism

In this episode I read the first half of Pastor Wang Yi’s public letter in response to the persecution of…

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The Murder of a Missionary

A few weeks ago the internet was in a storm discussing the murder of missionary John Chau, a Christian who…

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John the Baptist on the Ellen DeGeneres Show

A Spiritual Hunch Lauren Daigle is another unfortunate (though not surprising) case study in compromised Christianity.┬áNot long ago, Daigle appeared…

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Why I Hate Hate Crimes

In this episode I talk about why Christians should hate hate crimes, and I recommend you listen to Eternal Son…

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Matt Walsh Rejects Young Earth Creationism

In this episode I explain why Matt Walsh is wrong about Old Earth Creationism and I recommend to you High…