Bernie Sanders is an Ignorant Bigot

A new video is going viral, exposing the ignorance and bigotry of former presidential candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders. Russel Vought was nominated by Donald Trump to be Deputy Director of the White House Office of Management and Budget. Sanders voted no in regards to Mr. Vought’s nomination, and his bigoted and ignorant reasoning for this is Continue Reading

Christians and Trump’s Immigration Ban

The current drama on T.V. screens everywhere is an all new set of protests against President Trump. Trump recently signed an executive order restricting people in certain countries from immigrating to America. The decision has sparked national outrage, and people are protesting in cities all over the nation. I will admit, the title of this blog Continue Reading

5 Ways Christians Respond to the Presidential Election

The Christian Response  Regardless of your views on soon-to-be President Trump, all of us Christians have explicit commands and expectations for the next four years.    1) Care Please do not accuse any Christians who deeply care about the election of not believing in the sovereignty of God. A Christian can greatly care about the Continue Reading

Columbus Day & Darwin

Truth Transcends Politics I have written before on the dangers of Christians who think politically and not biblically. Issues in this country tend to take the hard sides of Liberal VS Conservatives, democrats vs. republicans. The danger can be a kind of persuasion where Christians end up fearing political treason more than biblical infidelity. Peter told Continue Reading