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A “Christian Minister” Denies All Christian Doctrine

The New York Times is no bastion of conservative, Christian journalism, and they set out to reinforce that Easter 2019….

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Merry Christology or Happy Heresy? Trinitarian Heresies

This is the third and final installment of the Christmas series on Christological heresies. I hope you have found these…

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Merry Christmas or Happy Heresy? The Hypostatic Union

Continuing our Christmas/Incarnation series on Christological heresies, we come to what is perhaps the most complicated of these issues: the…

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Merry Christology or Happy Heresy? The God Before Bethlehem

Christology The theological event celebrated at Christmas is the Incarnation, when the Word took on flesh and became in every…

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Dan Mohler on Job pt. II

In this episode, I continue my review of Dan Mohler “walking through” Job 1, and I recommend “Though You Slay…

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Dan Mohler on Job pt. I

In this episode, I begin a refutation of Dan Mohler’s view of sovereignty, specifically in the book of Job. I…

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Should New Testament Christians Tithe?

In this episode I advocate for a mandatory, prescribed, New Testament tithe, and I recommend to you Shepherd of My…

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Matt Walsh Rejects Young Earth Creationism

In this episode I explain why Matt Walsh is wrong about Old Earth Creationism and I recommend to you High…

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Responding to Supernatural Part II: Free Will

Introduction: It is imperative one reads the first blog of this series prior to continuing in order to understand my…

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Responding to Supernatural Part I: Sovereignty with a Chest

Introduction: I recently finished Dr. Michael Heiser’s book Supernatural. It has been recommended by a good friend, as well as…