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Apple Sauce Connoisseurs

I have written much on the issue of abortion, and do not plan to stop. It is hard to say…

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To Stand Or Not to Stand?

Colin Kaepernick has recently created a national media firestorm. If you have not heard, he has recently decided to no…

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Abortion and the Zika Virus

My social media was flooded yesterday. In the wake of the news that the Zika Virus is now in the United States, late term…

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The Sign of Jonah

Matthew 12: 38-42, “Then some of the scribes and Pharisees answered him, saying, ‘Teacher, we wish to see a sign…

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Chelsea Handler Brags About Murdering Her Children

After the SCOTUS ruling over the Texas abortion regulations, the topic of abortion has been in the news again. One…

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Columbus Day & Darwin

Truth Transcends Politics I have written before on the dangers of Christians who think politically and not biblically. Issues in…

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The Next Fight for Independence

Independence Day Today is America’s 4th of July celebration. Americans everywhere (on the streets, in their homes, on social media)…

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What the Abortion Debate Tells Us about Apologetics

For the longest time, the abortion debate had been centered around whether a fetus is a human being or not….

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Why Cry Over Children When You Can Cry Over Chickens?

  In case you’re unable to watch the video: a woman named Kelly walks into a restraunt and demands everyone’s…