A Woman Talks to Children about Murdering Her Child

In this episode I examine a viral video of a woman indoctrinating children about the morality of murdering her baby, and I recommend to you “The Revelation of Jesus Christ” by Ghost Ship. https://resistingthewinds.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Abortion-kids-8.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS

My Thoughts on the Kavanaugh Accusation

  In this episode, I share my thoughts on the Brett Kavanaugh situation, I recommend to you All Glory Be to Christ performed by Kings Kaleidoscope, and I implore you to listen to a better podcast: https://crosspolitic.com/law-and-profits-kavanaugh-and-witness-responsibility/ https://resistingthewinds.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Kavanaugh.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS

Government Bigger than Your Uterus

A much anticipated event just occurred at the annual Politicon gathering. Political commentators Ben Shapiro and Cenk Uyger debated each other for the first time. Both analysts are very well admired within their respective political spheres, and very disliked among the other. Both have very influential platforms, and so the debate was lively, with around Continue Reading

Protesting the Protests: A Defense of My Behavior at the Adams State Political Protest

On March 4, 2017 there was a local protest that was organized on the campus of my Alma Mater. I heard about this protest last second, and I showed up to engage. After the many interactions I had with a variety of people, I reported some conclusions on my Facebook page. Someone at the protest somehow Continue Reading