Steven Anderson is a pastor you likely have heard of, as he has become a bit of a religious celebrity through his wild antics and radically uncharitable behavior. Anderson, though holds to intensely unbiblical theology,  is most known for being an extreme King James Onlyist, praying that Barak Obama die, and regularly screaming, while kicking and punching his pulpit during sermons. He thinks it is impossible for homosexuals to ever be converted and saved, he kicks people out of church in the middle of sermons, and one of his most popular videos was one in which he described getting tazed by border control agents. 

He has also taken off in popularity by becoming the brain child of the New Independent Fundamentalist Baptist (NIFB) movement. He has been relatively successful in bringing people into that tradition, and has set himself up as the NIFB Pope, if you will. He is completely adored and idolized within that movement.

One of his other claims to fame is his rabid anti-calvinism. This man hates Calvinism. Recently, Steven Anderson preached a “sermon” articulating three reasons why he hates Calvinism, and I am going to take it seriously.

(The video originally posted was removed by this user. I later went in replaced that link with this one. It is the same sermon posted by a different user.)

Quite honestly, no one should take Anderson seriously anymore. He is a car-accident preacher. Meaning, his popularity is more due to our need to watch and be shamefully entertained than it is due to the content of what he offers.  Also, his antics are far less sincere than I once thought, now being convinced they are simply click-bait, ministry growing, tactics. His exegesis is atrocious and, though not a stupid man, his bible teaching is just terrible. He is an angry bible teacher who often uses his pulpit to address whatever public or private scandal he is involved with that week.

Given all that, I haven’t written about Calvinism in some time, and since much of his rhetoric is common to those who criticize Calvinism, I decided to do what no one should do, and that is take it seriously enough to respond.

In it, he gives the three reasons he hates Calvinism. He is clear the sermon is not intended to refute Calvinism, but is simply to explain why he so much hates it. Those three reasons are:

  1. Calvinism causes people not to evangelize (2:12).
  2. Calvinism mixes faith with works (15:35).
  3. Calvinism is a debate culture (1:03:34).


I look forward to refuting his arguments on each of those points. However, I need to first explain that much of the content of the lecture I will not be discussing, given how it is not germane to his “sermon” in the first place. He rambles on for a great deal of time in order to vent about personal vendettas he has with James White and Jeff Durbin (whom he so graciously refers to as Jeff Dirtbin). I will not spend time responding to his hatred for those dear brothers.

Also, much of the video is extremely defensive, as he has to answer to his fan club for recently creating the most irrelevant documentary in world history by partnering with a reformed baptist (Calvinistic) to do so. After spending years calling Calvinism heresy, and mocking Calvinists ruthlessly, he has now sought refuge in a Calvinist for this particular agenda. I will not even attempt to understand the relevance of the documentary’s argument, or his defense of doing evangelism with a Calvinist.



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