Apologetics Where You’re At

While it is the endeavor of all Christian apologists to be able to sufficiently defend the faith against “every thought that raises itself against God” we also must recognize that we are finite, time-bound beings. This is why I have tried to orient my apologetics most heavily to where I am. Prior to college, I was very close to small Roman Catholic community, and almost all of my time was dedicated to learning Roman Catholicism and dealing with their theology. While I was at university, I spent most of my study and thoughts dealing with secularism and atheism alike. After graduating, I lived in an area with a dense Mormon population, and therefore focused heavily upon them. Had I moved to Dearborn (where my wife is from) I would have taken it upon myself to learn Islam better, and begin a more fervent apologetic against Islam. However, due to the places God has put me, Islam, Judaism, and the Eastern religions have not been a focus of mine. I always wondered where God may put me one day, and what false religion I would need to combat would be prevalent there. What God has recently done, I never saw coming

Alien Capital of the World

I recently moved to Roswell, New Mexico, otherwise known as the Alien capital of the world. When I moved here, I did not find statues of the Virgin Mary, I did not find Buddhist shrines, and there was no liberal university. What I found were lots of aliens, aliens everywhere. Every place of business has alien periphenilia, statues, and other kinds of out-of-this world eye soars. The reason that Roswell has become a bit of a tourist attraction for folks who believe in aliens since Roswell is at the heart of the Area 51 controversy. I will allow you to do your own research, but long story made short: Area 51 is a top-secret government facility that intercepted something which apparently crash-landed here in Roswell. A man who worked there went on to claim they had found an alien U.F.O. and that they have been reverse engineering this aircraft. Hence, Roswell has become a tourist attraction, and even as I write this, the annual U.F.O Festival is ongoing.

Now, it’s unfair to truly characterize the culture of Roswell as being a city steeped in some kind of alien worldview. It’s not like Roswellians believe in alien New Ageism the way the people of Salt Lake are nearly all Mormon. The die-hards don’t live here; they simply come here every year for the festival. In fact, Roswell looks more like the Bible belt. The vast amount of evangelical churches here is astounding. Nonetheless, it’s part of the culture God has put me in; therefore, I have had no other course of action but to begin thinking about extraterrestrial life from a biblical perspective more intentionally than I ever have in the past.

The blogs following will be some of my preliminary thoughts. I expect my ideas will mature and change as I continue to process this issue while here.


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