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  1. Collin – Almost forgot one thing!!! The marathon story right away!
    So, back in the day, we really didn’t think women could run long distances….that actually was a really messed up thing in our society. In fact, the longest distance women ran in the Olympics was like 800 meters up until the 70’s!!!! Men were running 26.2 miles. That is because, and you can look this up, men were saying that the distance was far to strenuous for women. So, there really was a view point that women can’t physically do it. The video referenced was of a very famous female athlete sneaking into the Boston Marathon, which, up to this point in time, had been a MENS ONLY race! Her sneaking on, running the entire race, despite actually being forced off course by organizers (which is the pushing sand shoving) is actually, again, really heroic on her part, and a great example of women actually breaking through and overcoming real barriers, not fake narratives. I almost forgot about that one. That was an example, again, that I think the ad actually got right.

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