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Christians and Trump’s Immigration Ban

The current drama on T.V. screens everywhere is an all new set of protests against President Trump. Trump recently signed…

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Do You Doubt Your Salvation?

Pastoral ConsiderationsI am thankful for my time in ministry and the job the Lord has blessed me with. As a…

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How to Respond to the Claim "The Bible Was Written by Men"

I really enjoy listening to Pastor Emilio Ramos through his online ministry RedGrace Media. His sermons, podcasts, and open-air preaching…

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Christians and the Death Penalty

News broke out across the country that Dylan Roof was found guilty, and that the jury has recommended the death…

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Apostolic Apologetics

Every year I make what I call reading plans for the young adult group I oversee through my local church….

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Corneal Covenants

I recently began an abridged and made easy to read version of John Owen’s The Mortification of Sin.This book has…

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God’s Resolution

One of the most popular traditions of celebrating New Years is to make resolutions. A quick online definition of the…