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The Early Church (8,17)

Continuing in the response to 21 Reasons to Reject Sola Scriptura, the attention will now be focused on the early church….

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Standing on the Word (18, 9)

The last seven blog posts have been dedicated to responded to the attacks against Sola Scriptura in Joel Peters’ on-line article, 21 Reasons to…

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Interpreting the Interpreter (5, 19)

The issues continue to heat up in the response process to Twenty One Reasons to Reject Sola Scriptura. The focus of…

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Traditions (2)

In continuing to defend against the biblical attacks presented in 21 Reasons to Reject Sola Scriptura, the attention is now turned…

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A Ship with a Rudder (10,6,16)

Three objections will be dealt with together in this blog as they are very similar in nature as we continue…

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Submit to the Church…Rightly (4)

Misconceptions It seems that, when debating the issue of Sola Scriptura, most of the heavy work consists of correcting misconceptions….

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Because God Said So (11)

When building, begin from the ground up. Foundations come first. Walls, windows, ceilings, carpets, those things come later. This method of…

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Who Gave Us the Bible Anyway? (7)

Continuing in the response to 21 Reasons to Reject Sola Scriptura, Peters claims the Church gave us the Bible, and…