5 Things To Pray For In the Wake of the Dylan Roof Verdict

As expected, white-supremacist Dylan Roof was found guilty on multiple charges for the horrific murder of nine innocent people during a prayer meeting within their local church. There are 4 very important responses from Christians during this time: 1) Thank God for justice. As we know, justice is not always served here on earth. It does seem Continue Reading

A Wager Not Worth Making — 4 Reasons to Avoid Utilizing Pascal’s Wager

Blaise Pascal was a brilliant French Christian and mathematician in the 17th century. He is known for much, but one of the things that has most carried his name through history is the famous “Pascal’s Wager.” This philosophical wager is used much in apologetic circles. I know this because I used to so often circulate Continue Reading

Why Christians Should Believe in Hades

Introduction When most people think of Hades, Greek mythology immediately comes to their forefront of their minds. Hades is associated, nearly exclusively, with Greek myths. However, many Christians may find it surprising, that the word Hades is a biblical word. Hades is Christian theology. Certainly, it is very different from the Greek perception of it. Continue Reading

5 Ways Christians Respond to the Presidential Election

The Christian Response  Regardless of your views on soon-to-be President Trump, all of us Christians have explicit commands and expectations for the next four years.    1) Care Please do not accuse any Christians who deeply care about the election of not believing in the sovereignty of God. A Christian can greatly care about the Continue Reading