Bernie’s Two Cows

Look out, a new set of analogies is on the rise. Their purpose has been to simplify Government philosophies, and help explain to people what different kinds of governments do. Through a farming analogy of cow-selling, it has grown popular to try and defend Socialism. This is because Bernie Sanders has outed himself as a Socialist, and now Democrats who have had to keep their socialism secret, are allowed out of that closet. However, enough lingering taboo still makes that word carry a stench few people can tolerate, so a defense has been made to classify certain kinds of socialism. Specifically, Fascism VS National Socialism VS Democratic Socialism. The idea is that the scent that bothers our nostrils is really coming from Fascism or National Socialism, but we the sniffers are attributing it to Democratic Socialism whose aroma is actually quite lovely.

The argument looks as bad as it smells:

Fascism: You have 2 cows, the government takes both and sells you the milk.

Socialism (democratic): You have 2 cows, you vote for the government to take one of your cows and give it to your neighbor who has none.

Here is an idea, why not just give your cow to your neighbor? Instead of a forced, national, federal mandate, why not just give your cow to your neighbor?

The over simplicity ignores the inherent theft mandatory to make socialism work. We aren’t dealing with cows. We are dealing with a wide range of economic policies and people of different economic standings. In the world of cow ownership, it’s easy to determine who has none. In the world we actually live in, that understanding is much more subjective. Thus, the government not only gets to steal my cow, they get to determine for me who in fact is worthy of that cow. Perhaps I have 100 cows and my neighbor has 50. Who gets to say my neighbor is in need of 25 of my cows or not?

The government gets to define the phrase “your neighbor who has none” for you, and typically, the definitions are not in alignment.

Notice also in the free, private industry option that I supplied, you get to define your own terms as well as not impose your terms on other people.

In the example above, you are not just voting for the government to take your cow and redistribute it, you are voting for your government to take your neighbor’s cow too. Thus, this example tries to fly under the guise of “love of neighbor” while smuggling in a policy that legalizes forceful theft on neighbor’s privately earned possessions. You boast about loving the neighbor on your left, while hiding the fact that you just robbed the neighbor on your right. That’s hatred of at least one neighbor.

If your neighbor has a cow, don’t vote to have it stolen, and don’t take it from them. Instead, love them.

If your neighbor needs a cow, give it to them. Love them.

And when they government allows you to do this because it’s none of their business, don’t have a cow about it, love it.

Author: Resisting the Winds

I am a sinner redeemed by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, to the glory of God. I am a local church expositor, living in the small but beautiful town of Alamosa, Colorado.

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