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In a recent interview, Ben Carson was asked if the Bible has authority over the Constitution. Ben Carson is a politician and his answer was political. He couldn’t say yes and risk offending non-christian swing voters, but he couldn’t say no because much of his current supporters are Bible believing Christians. From a political perspective, this question was somewhat unfair. I don’t think it’s unfair, but politically, it is. Ben Carson essentially said he couldn’t answer. Let me give it a go:

“Does the Bible have authority over the Constitution?”


Make that a resounding yes. 

Make that a thousands “yeses”. 

Make that an absolutely positively yes. 

Of course the Bible has authority over the constitution. 

This would have been more fair to ask every single candidate running. I would be curious to hear their answers. 

First of all, we need to remember Jesus’ words in the great commission. The evangelical community loves the idea of making disciples. But the foundation laid before the remainder of that passage is crucial. Jesus gave us a hope in disciple making and a reason for disciple making when He said, “All authority on heaven and earth has been given to me.” And that is when the key linking word comes in, “therefore” (Mat. 28: 18-20). 

It is because Jesus owns everything in all creation that we have the confidence and authority to make disciples of everyone in all creation. 

Creation is Jesus’ masterpiece (Col. 1: 16). There is no place in all of the created order outside of Jesus’ jurisdiction. He is above all things and He owns all things. The people of the United States belong to Him. The physical, geographical boundaries of this nation belong to Him, for Him, and were created through Him and by Him. The government was appointed by Him and belongs to Him (Romans 13). Yes, the Constitution is under His authority, as is the Sun, the Moon, the planets, the solar system, the laws of physics, and all other created things; Jesus is above it all. The writers of the Constitution and all who would follow under it owe the very breath they breathe and every beat of their hearts to Jesus’ grace and mercy in their lives. 

Although I am proud to fully embrace the “religious zealot” title that naturally follows publicly declaring that Jesus not only belongs in our government, but that He rightfully owns our government, and therefore, all decisions and legislations need to be checked by His Word before being acted on, let me put some minds to rest by reminding everyone that they deserve that title too. 

As Doug Wilson masterfully articulated in his debate with Dan Barker, the question at hand is not whether God is involved in government, the question is which god is involved in government. A god is always above the government. The writers of the Constitution itself recognized this reality. That is why our “natural rights” are not endowed by the authority of the Constitution itself, but by “our Creator”. 

To deny the existence of a Creator is still not to make the Constitution the highest authority, because the Constitution was created by men. Those men are the gods in that system. The problems are that they didn’t claim that, they are dead, and their document is now a fallible document that is able to be amended. 

My God lives, He is infallible, and His Canon is closed. 

If it’s possible to believe that the government can make an immoral law, bad legislation, or a mistaken amendment to the Constitution, then it’s not God. People rely and depend upon it like it is, but the second anyone admits that the government can make mistakes (which everyone seemingly does admit) they therefore admit there is an objective standard of truth and morality above the government which is overseeing the government, and when the government falls short of that standard it is criticized. 

And that objective moral/truth standard is the God of that system. 

Everyone has a god above government. No one actually believes the Constitution is the final court of appeal. Everyone brings their god into their government. 

However, their gods were not given all authority in Heaven and on Earth. Their gods didn’t rise from the dead. Their gods are not gracious, just, merciful and perfectly wrathful in all things at all times. Their gods are not the fixed standard of all creation, and hold all things together. Their gods are often their own feelings, thoughts and emotions. Their gods are idols. 

Thus, because it is a joy and a pleasure, allow me to say it again:

Since Jesus has all authority everywhere, and since the Bible is the only infallible and authoritative way we know Jesus today, it follows, that the Bible has authority over all things. And that includes the U.S. Constitution. 

If Jesus did what He said He did, and is who He says He is, then every single United States agent of the government is under His feet and will give an account to Him for their votes and decisions. 

The Bible has authority over the Constitution…and everyone else too.

Author: Resisting the Winds

I am a sinner redeemed by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, to the glory of God. I am a local church expositor, living in the small but beautiful town of Alamosa, Colorado.

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