The doctrine of imputed righteousness is beautiful. It is objectively beautiful. That means it is beautiful no matter who finds it distasteful or false. God is the ultimate standard for all that is true. He is truth, He creates truth. Therefore, if something is beautiful to God than it is objectively beautiful. Period. End of story.

Since God is the ultimate standard for all things, including beauty itself, His chief end is to glorify Himself, which is why, as many of the held confessions of faith state, our chief end, is to glorify Him. And the doctrine of imputation does both of those things very well.

There is no other system of salvation that could glorify God more. A more glorifying system cannot be fathomed, not even a hypothetical made-from-scratch soteriology.

When sinners are saved through imputation, they are clothed in the righteousness of Jesus, the 2nd Person of the holy Trinity. This means, that for every once-sinner-now-saint that enters into God’s dwelling place on the final day, God will accept them and be pleased with them on the basis of Himself.

Saints will be clothed in an alien righteousness. Or as Paul describes it, not a righteousness of themselves based on law, but a righteousness from God.

How could God be more glorified? He is pleased with us in Heaven precisely because He is pleased with His Son. He is seeing His Son in us, and is glorifying the perfection and obedience there in.

God is glorified in our salvation because Jesus is glorious and those are the merits by which His saints are judged.

When God imputes His own righteousness to us, He is then clearing us on the basis of Himself. It is entirely God-centered and the antithesis of man-centered soteriology.

Salvation is a divine act. The Father plans and draws, Christ redeems, and the Spirit conforms. Imputation is one beautiful aspect to an entire salvific system by which the Creator of all things glorifies Himself.

It is beautiful.

Author: Resisting the Winds

I am a sinner redeemed by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, to the glory of God. I am a local church expositor, living in the small but beautiful town of Alamosa, Colorado.

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