Guessing Games

Let’s play some guessing games:

Allow this hypothetical scenario:

Given all the demand in American culture to accept and believe homosexuality is “natural”, let’s accept that premise (I’ll have to write another blog to even work through what exactly that could even mean). However, let’s put all the important clarifying questions and arguments aside, and for sake of the game, let’s accept it as it is. Homosexuality is natural.

Let’s take it one step further: assume in the future that homosexuality, being natural, could be identified through the scientific method. We will call this a “gay-gene”. Assume that we could tell that a child will grow up to be gay from the time they are in the womb; a blood sample maybe, or perhaps even an ultra-sound could determine what the child’s sexual orientation will be.

Now let me add one more piece to the scenario: imagine that sexual orientation, being physically identifiable, could also be altered with a very easy procedure. Imagine we could surgically change our sexual orientation, even in the womb.

Those are the 3 hypothetical elements (all of which are currently not true, thank God).

1. Homosexuality is natural
2. Sexual orientation can be identified empirically.
3. Sexual orientation can be altered with a simple scientific procedure.

Game 1:

Now imagine, within this scenario, a pregnant mother finds out the son she is pregnant with is gay. Mom does not like this. What are her options?  Can she chose to have the surgery done to change her baby?

Let’s assume she decides to have the surgery. Her is the game: which liberal ideological pillar will win the day?

LIP 1) As long as that baby is dependent on the mothers life and body, it is an extension of her body, therefore, abortion should be legal because a women should do with her body what she pleases.

LIP 2) Homosexuality ought to be accepted and celebrated, it should not be seen as a defect and we should not try and “change” homosexuals.

Which one will win? In this scenario, they can’t both win.

Either mom decides to break LIP 2, decide homosexuality is a defect, or at least, undesirable, and change her child, but in the process, championing LIP 1. She gets to do what she wants with her body.Remember, according to abortion, that’s the woman’s body; not the babies. This is essentially her choosing to have the surgery herself: it’s her body.

Or, legislation comes down which protects LIP 2, meaning mom cannot change her baby’s orientation through surgery. This would champion the celebration and worthiness of homosexuality, but would implicitly be recognizing that that baby is not an extension of the mother, but is in fact, a person with their own identity and worthy of protection.

This legislation would make it very hard to be consistently uphold abortion, since it would be legislating the individuality and worth of the unborn.

You guess.

Game 2:

Would mom also have the option of abortion itself? Would it be a hate crime to abort a baby you find out is gay? Can we abort gay babies?

If we can, then that’s hardly recognizing the idea that homosexuality is good, natural, and not a defect or destructive in any way. Even the moral monstrosity of abortion itself doesn’t technically allow abortion on the basis of race (even though that’s exactly what happens). Would homosexuality be protected?  If we can’t abort gay babies, than we are admitting that abortion is in fact killing a person with their own body and their own identity, and thus, abortion has nothing to do with rights and laws protecting the mother’s body.

I have no answer, that’s why it’s a game. The option is yours.

Game 3:

There is a special addition to the game where in you decide whether a gay person who, later on in life, opted to have the surgery to change into a straight person, would be celebrated or demonized in the culture the same way a straight person would be provided they opted to be gay.

If Bruce Jenner can become a man and be celebrated by secular culture, shouldn’t a gay person having the bravery to surgically become straight be granted the same celebration?

It’s all up to you. That’s the fun.

Author: Resisting the Winds

I am a sinner redeemed by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, to the glory of God. I am a local church expositor, living in the small but beautiful town of Alamosa, Colorado.

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