Winning Without Winning

The Thesis

The Gospel is the only thing that can end abortion.

As a Christian reader, you’re probably thinking, “duh.”

Often times, “Gospel” or “Jesus” are answers given when we don’t have pragmatic answers to practical, ministerial problems. We know no Christian can argue with them, so we ignore the fact that God uses humans means to accomplish His purposes, and then skip to the final purpose. That way we don’t have to think. The first sentence of this blog could come across as that. The abortion issue is so deep, emotional, and complex that it would be easy to scream “Gospel” but really mean “I don’t know what we should do”.  However, when I say ‘The Gospel is the only thing that can end abortion’, I mean it passionately, entirely, and I say it after having thought through the issue.

Explaining My Logic

1) After all these sting videos came out, it was hard to imagine that anyone could stand with Planned Parenthood. The latest video speaks of “intact specimens”, i.e. WHOLE babies (most likely delivered alive). The video showed evil, sick and depraved human beings working for PP in lab coats, digging around a big Pitri dish filled with baby body parts and extracting valuable pieces. That sounds like the grotesque and lame plot to a low budget horror film, but it’s not a fictional movie; it’s America. I thought these videos would end PP as we know it. But they didn’t. They haven’t. They aren’t done being produced, but I have no evidence to think they will. Pro-abortion advocates haven’t budged. At first I was appalled that this didn’t change their minds. But now I am appalled that I thought this could change their minds.

Why would these videos change their minds? All these videos did was put images to what everyone knew, on both sides, what was already happening. Did all of us know that they were selling and harvesting and making money off these “tissues”? Maybe not. But that’s not the real atrocity is it? The fact that human beings, babies, are being ripped apart limb from limb is what is truly sickening, and that has always been happening, and those who support it know that.

People who have always been OK with babies being ripped apart, burned, crushed and sucked into a vacuum should not be expected to be suddenly appalled when a video surfaces that proves Planned Parenthood sells baby parts. If you approve of babies being murdered, why would you suddenly be against a video proving babies are murdered? And, if you’re the kind of person that has such moral deadness and wickedness that you could be OK with legalizing the murder of babies, what moral code would suddenly kick in that would be make you livid that these dead baby parts are being sold for research? If a person is able to justify slaughtering babies, there is no end to the evils they are willing to justify. Thus, why did I ever expect these videos to change them?

The problem is these videos have not showed us much of anything that’s new. The latest video shows horrific images of little baby body parts floating around in a dish. But that’s not new. That’s been on the anti-abortion protester’s signs for years now. I have seen those images before. We have seen those images before. And what was our response? Both sides, Christians and non-Christians considered those signs to be “gross, offensive, unloving, untruthful, intentionally aggravating, emotional charges, etc etc”. We have always seen the horrors of abortion. We have seen little baby legs and little baby heads and little baby hands severed from their bodies long before these videos surfaced, and that never stopped the abortion movement. Why would it now?

2) So what might end this movement then? If not video photos of illegal activity and hacked babies, would could possibly end this? Well, the science won’t. Here is another problem. The science has always been on our side. Everybody knows any consistent scientific empirical data would yield that a child in the womb is a living human being. The same science that would identify the cell as living, and would identify cell activity on Mars as being “life on Mars” would deem a child in the womb living. The science also confirms that two humans reproduce after their own kind. Thus if its living and it comes from a human, it’s a living human. The scientific debate has never been hard to win. That’s why many in the abortion movement gave up on it long ago. Many concede it’s a human but found new arguments to justify their immorality. The videos haven’t changed anything, and the science didn’t either.

3) That brings us to the logic. What about a logical debate about abortion? The problem is we have won that debate too. We have always been winning the debate. We have never been losing this debate. The logic is on our side. We know we cannot logically place a time table on when a conceived egg becomes a human. Say we deem it a person at two weeks. Scientifically that refutes everything we know about cellular science as well as anthropology, but it raises a philosophical issues as well. What is the magical process that happens in the one second between when non-life magically becomes life? What happens in that second when a child who is a 1 week, 6 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds (a non-human/non-living organism) suddenly turns one second older and magically becomes a living human person? What happened in that one second? Logically, the same philosophical and logical dilemma exists no matter how far back you push the arbitrary timetable. There are many other logical arguments for ending abortion, but the point I am making is they have always been argued, we have always been winning, yet abortion is legal.

The videos will not change people, the science will not change people, and the logic will not change people.

And that is why we are back to where we began: The Gospel is the answer to abortion, for it is the power of God unto salvation.

Victories That Aren’t Victories

Many are probably upset with me because, although we have seen minor victories, I am seemingly dismissing them and being cavalier about it. The problem is many of these are too small to end abortion, or they aren’t victories at all. For example, a bill was proposed in congress to to de-fund PP. The bill was not passed. That should be a defeat. However, many people think it’s a victory that it was even considered. However, it was never considered. That’s the nature of politics. Anyone expecting it to pass doesn’t understand politics. 
I typically try not to follow or quote people who are political before they are biblical, however, quoting a solid political conservative on this particular issue is is valuable. And on this issue, Matt Walsh hit the nail square on the head: 

The bill to defund Planned Parenthood didn’t pass. It was never going to pass. It wasn’t meant to pass. Earlier today I wrote something where I said “I’m glad Republicans are trying,” but I shouldn’t have written that. They aren’t trying. They are creating a talking point. That’s all. Be careful about any Republican who overly trumpets his own involvement in, or support of, this bill. He knew it had no chance. He knew it was impotent. He knows he’s bragging about putting his name on a fruitless piece of legislation that was designed to fail. Ted Cruz has been honest on this point, and that’s a mark in his favor.
If Republicans are really serious about defunding Planned Parenthood, they can’t write a bill to defund Planned Parenthood and then ask 7 or 8 Democrats to vote yes and hope the President is drunk and in the middle of a psychotic breakdown on the day they send the bill to his desk. That’s the only way he’d somehow forget to veto the thing.
A “Defund Planned Parenthood” bill will never pass without a Republican president and massive, overwhelming Republican majorities in both houses. And even then, they have to be extremely conservative Republican majorities. We don’t have that. Everyone knows we don’t have that. That bill wasn’t going to pass. It wasn’t designed to.
If Republicans really want to defund Planned Parenthood, they have to play hardball. As many other conservative writers have pointed out, they need to attach defunding to bills liberals want. They have to hold liberal legislation hostage. They have to say to the president, “You will not get anything you want, ever again, if you don’t sign a bill with an amendment to defund Planned Parenthood.” They have to be tough, persistent, and aggressive. They have the numbers to force this issue, but the question is whether they have the courage and integrity.

This is exactly right. It’s election time soon. They need to be able to tell their base they voted against PP. There were no expectations in this bill. I don’t call that a victory.

There was a minor victory. A republican-lead Executive council in N.H. has rejected roughly $650,000 in state funding for Planned Parenthood. Yay. That is good. Any tax-payer dollar not going to murderers is good. However, the explanation is not encouraging. Jennifer Horn, the NHGOP chair said this in a statement:

This isn’t a matter of being pro-choice or pro-life. It’s about ensuring that public dollars are not being given to a company that may be engaged in criminal activity.

The fact that abortion itself isn’t considered criminal activity is the problem. This is precisely about being pro-life. It’s sinful and immoral not to be. That’s the problem. What this statement actually says is this:

It’s currently against the law to profit from selling body parts, therefore PP deserves no tax payer money until they go back to legally dismembering children in the womb and discarding their remains lawfully. Only then are they deserving of tax-payer dollars. 

What happens when Big Brother determines an effective way to monitor and legislate what PP does with their baby heads? They will no longer be ‘engaged in criminal activity’. Waiting for them to legally dismember babies is not a victory. This is not about criminal activity. Abortion itself should be criminal activity. This is about God’s law.

The Real Good that Has Happened

Don’t get me wrong, good has come form these videos. Primarily, it has started the conversation. When a country is legally slaughtering babies there is never a time when we shouldn’t be fighting and talking about it. These videos have elevated this activity into its rightful spotlight.

I believe David Daleidon is a hero of epic proportions. He deserves a medal, which is being posed to republican candidates now. Remember, while most of us watched on our computer screens baby parts being sifted through and extracted, or heard women trying to sell baby parts, David and/or his team were there. Not only did they have to listen to and see these things, they had  to pretend to enjoy it. They had to pretend to love it. I got to pause it, turn it off, cry, pray, and not see it live. They had no such privileges. On top of that, he is the reason we have these in the first place. If mutilating your body to look like your something your DNA says you’re not and getting more famous for it earns you a courage award, David deserves his own island.

These videos have changed some people’s minds. That is why they are good. These videos have assisted the cause. They have done good. They have ignited a fire in the Christian church and political pro-life movement that I have never seen. God bless David and his work.

However, abortion is still legal and being used by many women. Thus, the videos aren’t the answer.

Keep talking about them, keep circulating them, but don’t neglect Gospel duties in light of them.

What Do We Do With the Gospel? 

All of this drives us back to the thesis. The only thing that will change hearts is the Gospel. Should we keep debating? Absolutely. Should we keep talking about the science and the logic? Absolutely. But those serve different purposes. People love abortion because of a heart attitude. The science and logic have not changed their hearts. Thus, we need the power of God to grant repentance. And Paul said that power is manifested in the saving message of the Gospel.

This means, the most practical solution to abortion comes in many Gospel driven steps.

1) Preach the Gospel. Bring the Gospel to your communities. We must forfeit comfortable Christian niceness and be willing to be hated for the Gospel. We need to join the fight, and literally speak the Gospel to people.

2) We need to be ready to take care of local women who run to us for help. Stopping abortion will not stop unplanned pregnancies. It may stop some, but not all. We need to be the church locally, and take care of human lives (our neighbors) locally.

3) Prayer is effectual, and God commands it to be incessant. We must pray every day for repentance.

Without these things, we will continue to be winning without winning. We can win the debates, we have been, but winning the debates hasn’t won the cause. Maybe for a small portion of individuals, but wholesale change will come when hearts are changed, and the Gospel has resurrection power.

Author: Resisting the Winds

I am a sinner redeemed by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, to the glory of God. I am a local church expositor, living in the small but beautiful town of Alamosa, Colorado.

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