Laws and Lions

Jesus made an amazing statement after the hard-hearted Pharisees committed the one sin that would plunge them to hell forever (hence unforgivable). The Pharisees accused Him of being a demon Himself. They accused Him of this because they had no other explanation (outside of the truth) for His ability to cast out demons with personal authority. Jesus pointed out their logical contradiction. He said, “If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.” It’s so simple and it’s so true. Jesus’ point being, how would it make any sense at all for Jesus to be rebuking and casting out demons if He were one? You couldn’t call that being powerful if it’s too dumb to recognize that demons are supposed to be on the same team. In other words, it’s really easy to raid the castle when the guards are all fighting each other. 

It’s not hard to identify a kingdom divided against itself from the one that isn’t; just look for the smoke. Civil war manifests itself in obvious ways. People die, buildings collapse, guns are fired, and things are ablaze. 

Many kingdoms are divided today; worldview kingdoms. American society is saturated with them. The prevailing worldview which looms over public schools and resides in the hearts of most citizens, is a false one. That which is not true is false, and since Christ is true, all else is false. These worldviews however, exist within the realm of reality. They are falsehoods trying to be true. They are divided against themselves.

Today’s dominating Darwinist declaration of reality is a self-refuting, self-contradiction. It’s a worldview at civil war with itself. Don’t believe me? Look at all the smoke; look at the flames.

Worldviews that must steal from the truth of the Christian worldview to exist, and then rage against said worldview have many tell-tale signs of civil division, and the form it takes is inconsistencies. It seems that more than ever the dominating societal worldviews and their pious elites are showing their hand and exposing their inconsistencies all over the place.

Take Cecil the lion as an example. Cecil the Lion was a lion (it had a mane, but I don’t know how it self-identified so I don’t know if it was male or female) that had a tracking collar and was protected by research groups. Long story short, a hunter and dentist named Walter Palmer went on hunting trip and killed the lion he legally was not supposed to kill. Whether he knew this or not is actually irrelevant. A dentist killed a lion; and the country went berserk. Jimmy Kimmel even cried over it. After spewing hateful bigotry in which he imposed his personal moral values onto Dr. Palmer, he actually cried over the dead beast. All over the media, people are losing their minds over this lion. Palmer has received death threats, his business has been closed, and he is in hiding.

Dr. Palmer, welcome to the front lines in the fight against the tolerant culture our society has progressed to. Who would have thought such open-minded armies could hurt so much? Who would have thought tolerance could feel so intolerant?

Here is where the smoke is coming from: examine the situation from the Darwinist worldview.

What was Cecil? Cecil was a lion. More specifically, a big bag of meat, bones and mostly water. Cecil is a random meat machine accidentally here after crawling out of the sea and evolving into a something else. Guess what Dr. Palmer is, the exact same thing! The comparisons don’t end there however. Cecil, as a lion, was a hunter!

Think of all the innocent bags of random cell clumps Cecil has murdered? Think of all the animals that Palmer has saved by killing this violent hunter and preventing him from reproducing more violent hunters. Cecil’s entire life was characterized by selfishness. Cecil roamed the land, and when Cecil decided he was bored or hungry, he would murder an innocent animal and eat their bodies. Cecil was a serial killer, and never once did he at least have the courtesy to clean someone’s teeth in the process.

Yet, no one throws a fit when the bag of bones we call Cecil kills another bag bones, but they won’t allow the bag of bones we call Walter Palmer to kill his own chosen bag of bones, and he is being indicted by a bunch of bags of bones who think their morality is more important than Dr. Palmer’s and Cecil’s.
Why does Cecil get to kill animals and Dr. Palmer can’t?

Now, some may argue that the animals Cecil spent his entire life torturing, ripping apart, and slicing to death weren’t legally protected. However, I wonder if we did put a collar on a Zebra if Cecil would have followed that law…

What Darwinism is revealing to us is that Cecil and Walter are a lot alike, but they aren’t treated anything alike. They are both accidental cell bags controlled entirely by random chemical firings in their brains which causes them to kill animals, yet we love one and hate the other.

A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand.

The problem for the Darwinists is who specifically doesn’t care about Cecil or Walter, namely, the universe. To the Darwinist, the universe is the closest thing to god one can get. It’s very big, it is majestic, and since it provided (accidentally) all the star dust that began crawling and talking as we do, it in a way, created us. The universe is creator god, and it quite simply doesn’t care. The universe doesn’t care, why should we? Why should us chemical accidents care? Why should Dr. Palmer care about laws or lions? The universe god doesn’t.

Not only does Cecil, a fellow bag of randomly combined cells and hunter with no respect for law, not get the same hatred that his fellow bag of meat Dr. Palmer does, but one is held to a set of standards and expectations the interpretive worldview cannot provide.

There are many other ways the Darwinist worldview is refuting itself and exposing its inconsistencies, however, allow me to comment on the one which everyone has been commenting on already, but since Planned Parenthood is still functioning alive and well with full funding, it seems as if everyone is talking about it while no one is listening. More likely, everyone who is talking is also listening, but the moral monsters that run the show in this land aren’t doing either.

Notice that Jimmy Kimmel has yet to cry over the babies that have been ripped to shreds in a way that looks like they served as one of Cecil’s breakfast dishes. These babies got it way worse than the end of Dr. Palmer’s gun, yet no tears are shed. Darwinism can weep when one beast is killed, but vote for the legalization of children being burned, crushed and ripped to shreds. That castle is toppling.

How repugnant and shameful is it that Cecil had more protection over there than our unborn babies have over here?

Many in this nation have adopted a worldview that teaches kids there is no God, they can sleep with who they want, they can mutilate their bodies to become whatever they want, that they can marry whomever they want. They are accidents, they’re worthless, meaningless, and there is no objective morality.

But on a side note, if a Dentist kills a lion, be outraged,  then off with his head.

And on another side note: if you get pregnant with a baby you don’t want, then off with his head.
The good news is for us Christians in regards to Darwinism is that a nation divided cannot stand.

The bad news for us as Americans is that a nation divided cannot stand. 

Author: Resisting the Winds

I am a sinner redeemed by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, to the glory of God. I am a local church expositor, living in the small but beautiful town of Alamosa, Colorado.

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