Apology Not Accepted: Repentance Will Be

Can you hear the beeping? It’s the sound of a big garbage truck backing up trying to clean up all the trash. Last week, after Planned Parenthood was exposed for being capable of even more moral atrocity than was expected, the President has released a video for damage control. Here it is:

Assuming the video has been watched, it’s time to dive right in. 
1) After the introduction in which abortion is attempted to be softened by demonstrating all of the “other things” Planned Parenthood offers, Cicile immediately moves to why she is making the video. To cover their tracks. She attempts to describe the group (God bless them) that captured the footage of Dr. Nucatola selling dead baby body parts away like a mechanic in a scrap yard as being a group who opposes “safe and legal abortion”. This one is obviously to fire up their own fan-base. That’s why the group doesn’t oppose abortion; they oppose “safe and legal” ones. Only one of those adjectives can be said honestly. It is an unfortunate and horrifying reality that abortion is in fact legal. There are legal ways to do it. That’s accurate. However, the first adjective is a lie. There is no such thing as a safe abortion. In every single abortion, someone dies. We use terms like “that baby survived abortion”. But what actually happened was that an abortion failed. There is no such thing as surviving an abortion. An abortion is a “termination of a pregnancy”. If the pregnancy isn’t terminated, no abortion was done. Every single abortion that has ever taken place has killed someone. Often times, it’s a very violent death. It typically involves burning to death, having limbs torn off, brains sucked out by vacuums, or being crushed to death. If an action which has a 100% mortality rate and often times includes shredded body parts, sucked brains and burns, can be called safe, then quite literally nothing isn’t safe. Cocaine doesn’t kill people 100% of the time. Drunk driving doesn’t kill people 100% of the time. Shark attacks don’t kill people 100% of the time. Shark attacks, drunk driving, drugs, and many other horrible things are all safer than abortion. 
2) “Secretly recorded, heavily edited videos”. 
These words were used to try and criminalize the group. It’s not working though. First of all, secret deception isn’t such a bad thing relative to the job at hand. I don’t know any American citizen who snarks when they hear a story of an American soldier pretending to be a Nazi in order to infiltrate camps and save Jews. How many American’s respond to that with a resounding, “Isn’t that morally wicked and pretty shady? I mean to secretively pretend to be a Nazi?”No one is buying that. PP kills babies and sells their organs. No one is hung up on the secretive nature of the video. 
Now, I’m sure the videos are edited. Almost all videos put online are edited. And no amount of editing accusations can erase what was clearly said by Dr. Nucatola. There is no context that could be removed that would explain away or justify her comments. 
Cicile claims the video makes “outrageous claims about programs that help women donate fetal tissue for medical research.” 
3) Here begins the “tissue” argument. The problem is Dr. Nucatola didn’t ever talk about tissue. She spoke of heads, hearts, livers, and legs. She often used the medical jargon in place of those words, but never once did the conversation focus on tissue. It was about livers and hearts and heads and “lower extremities” I believe the words were. 
4) She than said the claim that PP “Profits in any way from tissue donation is not true.”
This may be the case, but according to the video, they have been profiting from heart, head, liver and leg donations. 
5) What perhaps was the funniest moment of the video was when she claimed that Planned Parenthood’s donation programs “follows all laws and ethical guidelines.”
We have video footage of Planned Parenthood breaking the law. The first claim is a lie. 
We also know what abortion is. It’s the brutal slaughtering and murder of innocent babies. There goes the claim to any ethical guidelines. 
I take it back, the next best part was when President Richards says their top priority is the “compassionate care they provide.”
What is compassionate, at all, about killing babies? 
6) The next part is interesting, and not clear. President Richards personally apologizes for the women in the video’s “tone and statements.” She says they don’t reflect the organization. 
What does this mean? Does this mean the video wasn’t edited in some incriminating way? 
Does this mean President Richards really didn’t know what was going on and that Dr. Nucatola was acting alone? Does this mean that President Richards supports Dr. Nucatola’s business transactions but just didn’t like her presentation? 
This apology is meaningless cowardly. 
7) “As always, if there is any aspect of our work that can be strengthened, we want to know about it and we will take swift action to address it.”
Well if they want to know so badly why is she so upset that her employee was videotaped? Now she knows right?
Now President Richards knows that multiple employee’s under her watch have been selling baby parts for profit. Now she knows that doctors sometimes “huddle” before a days work to encourage ripping babies to shreds in difficult ways to try to preserve body parts in high demand. Now she knows, she should be grateful. The whole selling baby parts for profit, that can be strengthened. 
While she is at it, since President Richards is so concerned with addressing aspect of her work that could be strengthened, how about immediately stopping all Planned Parenthoods from sticking instruments of death into a woman’s body and killing innocent babies? That area could use work. 
She could also stop the selling of all pills which abort fertilized eggs, killing innocent human beings. That might be a good thing to “strengthen”. 
8) However, Cicile still stands behind Planned Parenthood’s work to donate tissue when families wish to. 
I’m still confused. Is tissue still code-name for heads, hearts, livers, and legs? Regardless, let’s all stop for a moment and realize what America is. 
In this country, a woman can not only legally have her baby’s body ripped to pieces until it’s dead, but she can make the generous offer of “donating the tissue” (of her dead child). 
Excuse me while I vomit and weep. 
Don’t worry, Cicile comforts us by adding that “it is always their decision”. 
That makes you feel better right? It turns out only some Planned Parenthood employees are making profit by selling dead babies. Usually, it’s just the actual mother, the one who asked the baby be murdered, who gets to decide what happens to her former child’s vital organs. 
Now that is a relief. 
President Richards then just insults us. She tries to commend women who have sold their murdered babies by contributing to “life saving research.”
Is saving lives a priority? Good, then how about shutting down an institution that kills 1 million lives every year? How could someone who works for a company that kills children pretend to support saving lives?
I wonder how anyone would have responded if Hitler commended Nazi doctors who were bravely willing to donate the body parts of the Jews the experimented on for research that began saving lives. 
“It’s important to kill as many people as we can in order to develop the research to save as many people as we can!”
What a motto Cicile. 
However, I am the bad guy. I am “attacking” this practice. According to Cicile, it’s helping prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s. Thus it should be respected. 
Listen to the voice of pure evil: ‘selling dead babies should be respected.’ That’s pure evil. She is a Nazi. And I mean that literally and whole-heartily. 
Guess who can’t get diseases? The millions of babies Cicile’s organization has killed (and then apparently donated). 
“We know the agenda of organizations like this. And they have never been concerned about the health and safety of women.”
Yes they are, both for the mothers who are about to murder their child, and for the 500,000 women President Richards’ company murders every year. Cicile Richards could quite possibly the person least concerned with women’s health and safety in this entire country. I wonder how concerned she is for the next little girl who’s head is ripped off and donated….
“Their mission is to ban abortion completely…”
Amen and God bless them. Finally, President Richards says something honest. 
I am so angered, saddened and baffled to really come up with any powerfully rhetorical ending, thus, I will let Jon Speed end this for me. If you haven’t seen his documentary on abortion, you need to. I will link it at the bottom of the quote. 
Cecile, it’s really very simple. The reason why your employee lacked compassion in her tone has to do with the fact that she was talking about your policies regarding the hearts, lungs and livers of the babies you murder. You are apologizing because you got your hand caught in the cookie jar. Face it. You’re busted.
Oh, and by the way–all video is “heavily edited”. The problem is not what did not make it into the video. The problem is what your employee actually said, which is why you are responding now.
The sleeping giant is waking up. And all of the PR damage control in the world claiming that hearts, lungs and livers from dead babies being merely “tissue” makes what you do as transparent as crystal. [Planned Parenthood] will go down in history with the likes of the Nazi Holocaust, ISIS, Soviet gulags, and Pol Pot. Not only are you on the wrong side of morality, you are on the wrong side of history.
Jon Speed- http://crownrights.org/babies/

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