No You’re Not An Atheist

Buzzfeed is at it again. After their first video about “Christians” denouncing stereotypes went viral, they decided to spread the love and make one for the Atheists too. Most of the claims the professed Atheists made can be boiled into following statements:  I’m fine with and respect religion even though I’m not religious. This is an interesting claim. Continue Reading

Conversations Worth Having

All debates are actually debates about authority. Any argument that is not dealing with the “by what standard?” question is a surface-level debate. The heart of Christian apologetics then is not only to realize that Jesus and His Word (the Bible) are the necessary preconditions for all intelligibility, but it also recognizes other’s presuppositions and Continue Reading

Singleness Part II

Opposites are opposites.Yes, that’s a tautology. However, tautologies have the merit of being true. Opposites are opposites, and because of that reality in which live, we are forced to recognize that entertaining two contradictory ideas becomes, what we call in English, “contradictory”. Opposites exist, and so do contradictions. Sin can’t also be righteousness at the same time in the Continue Reading