Bill Nye Biting the Feeding Hands

I would like to take a break from my review of Exodus to comment on an article published by  the Huffington post which quoted Bill Nye saying some, well, stupid things. The only thing more stupid than his comments is typically the information the Huffington Post promotes. Therefore, I would like to give Bill some benefit of doubt and hope that he was completely misquoted. I don’t think he was though. 

The artcile can be read here:

Before I break down all of the stupid comments, I would like to try to appease my brother’s and sisters in Christ who are undoubtedly upset that I am using the word stupid. You are allowed to disagree, and I don’t want cause you to stumble. Allow me to briefly make my case: 
Christianity has lost the tenacity and fire that our founders had. Paul was aggressive. Read Acts 17. Paul was aggressive and bold. Our commitment to be loving has eclipsed the intensity that true love often requires. Parents spank their children regardless of their love for their children. I do love the unbeliever. But like me, they can be very stupid. 
If you still aren’t convinced, allow me two more examples. How concerned with loving the pharisees was Jesus when He made a whip out of chords and used a weapon to drive them out of the temple (John 2:15)? I think much of our culture has spent too much time admiring the blonde haired, blue eyed Jesus petting the Lamb in the wall painting that we have forgotten that Jesus did that. We forgot that He boldly and righteously insulted the Pharisees calling them “broods of vipers” and telling them how intolerable judgment will be. Read Matthew 23. Hear Jesus telling people that they will not go to Heaven. Hear Jesus calling people names (hypocrites).
Let’s please not lose sight of the warrior Jesus in our admiration of His perfect love.
Perhaps you’re still not convinced? The Bible calls the unbeliever a “fool”. They are fools. Many try to soften this by saying that a fool is not a name call but it is someone who knows better. That’s exactly right. How does that soften it though? It intensifies it. THat means that Bill Nye knows better. He knows what he saying is wrong and willfully suppresses and rejects it. That’s foolish. Quite frankly, it’s stupid.
If you’re still offended I ask that we agree to disagree and move on. I hope you can continue and look past it as I unapologetically and with a clear conscience descibe Bill Nye’s thoughts as being exactly what they are: stupid. Don’t get me wrong, there is a line. There is a wrong and unloving way to defend the truth. Westboro Baptist is the greatest example of this. However, calling someone’s comments stupid certainly seems to be within the realm of the biblical model and much more tame and warranted than protesting funerals of soldiers and using profanity and claiming that they died because of “fags”. Bill Nye’s comments are stupid because they are self contradictory. They are foolish because he knows better. 

The first stupid thing Bill Nye said was that the biggest danger of Creationism is raising children who “can’t think”. Why is this stupid? Thinking presupposes Creationism. Without a Creator, we can’t think. What is “thinking” in Bill’s worldview? Thinking is brain barf. In a naturalistic, materialistic worldview, a person’s thoughts are just the random, accidental firing of uncontrolled nuerons in the brain. We are chemical robots. We have no control over what we say, think or do. Without a soul, what is accountable for making your brain fire the neurons in the specific ways as to produce thoughts? The only possible explanation in Bill’s worldview is another stack of material atoms and molecules (that are also uncontrolled) cause them to fire. Only in the Christian worldview is “thought” justified. There is no such thing as “thinking” in Bill’s worldview. There is only uncontrolled chemical reactions in side meat robots skulls. He is cutting his legs off. If you want a society to think, you need God. 

Bill said a couple more stupid things, but the last stupid thing Bill said was this:

“[kids raised as Creationists]  will not have this fundamental idea that you can question things, that you can think critically, that you can use skeptical thought to learn about nature, [t]hese children have to suppress everything that they can see in nature to try to get a world view that’s compatible with the adults in who they trust and rely on for sustenance.

Once again, self contradictory. He is angry at people who QUESTION his beliefs, and says that they won’t be trained to QUESTION things any longer. They seem better at questioning than Bill does. 

In the same regard, he mentioned critical thinking. See the above note. What is critical thinking in Bill’s worldview? He has stolen it from the very worldview he is criticizing. There is no such thing as critical thinking in a worldview without God. Again, there are uncontrolled, random meat barns inside of bones that are randomly and uncontrollably firing neurons and chemicals, forcing their meat robots to behave in certain ways. It’s fatalistic determinism. That’s all Bill has. What is thinking? 

However, like the first part of this quotation, Bill is under the impression that Creationists can’t use skeptical thought about nature. Isn’t that exactly what we are doing? Bill claims that nature shows evidence of Darwinian evolution. We are…wait for it…skeptical about that. So, wait, how is it that the very people who are practicing skeptical criticism of Bill Nye’s view of the world demonstrating the inability to be skeptical and critical about the world? Apparently it’s because we see the world like he does and we are suppressing it just appease our parents.
Let me translate what Bill must actually be saying in order to be somewhat consistent: 

Creationism is dangerous because it stops kids from critically and skeptically viewing their religion and it will prevent them from blindly accepting the world as I see it without ever questioning that. Thus, blame their parents that they have raised children who would dare not question them but want to question me. In reality, they must adhere to me and question their parents.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Ken Ham. Answers in Genesis is a wonderful tool. But not all apologists are created equal. I would love to see Bill step in the debate ring with one of our best. That would be a sight to see.

Billy Nye verse James White or Jeff Durbin or Douglas Wilson or Sye Ten Bruggencate or Joe Boot. If only Greg Bahnsen were still around. Anyone of those men would intellectually slaughter Bill Nye in any meaningful debate. The debate with Ken Ham was awful on all sides. There wasn’t even a cross examination segment!

Maybe one of those will happen. Until then Nye will continue to be so angry at the Christian worldview that he will spend all his time looking for faults and contradictions within it that he won’t leave enough time  to see the absurdity, faults and contradictions of his very criticisms against it. And what makes it all the more foolish is that the entire process will require and presuppose the truth of the Christian worldview to do so. He is stealing from the Christian worldview left and right to pile up ammunition to fire at the Christian worldview. If Bill were to ever read this blog, this would be my message:

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you Bill.
Repent and trust Christ or continue in foolishness. 

Proverbs 1:7  The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

Psalm 14: 1  The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, their deeds are vile; there is no one who does good.

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