Kim Kardashian: By What Standard?

Kim Kardashian is going viral right now. Kim K recently posted completely nude for a major magazine other than Playboy. The link to those pictures can be seen here……just kidding. I will not expose that filth.

This story has been very interesting. Seeing the response to this exposes the double-standards of our culture.

The magazine released these photos with the twitter hash-tag phrase: #BreakTheInternet. The idea obviously being that this will go viral. Who in this country doesn’t want to see the beautiful Kim K naked right? …

However, a new hash-tag fad has started, #FixTheInternet. People essentially are using this hash-tag to make fun of the pictures.

Some have defended Kim, others have not.What possible standard does this broken society have to condemn or support a woman for doing something like this?

One person who has particularly shocked me is Glee star Nara Rivera who criticized Kim by saying, “You’re somebody’s mother.”This is coming from a woman who plays a lesbian on a nationally televised TV series and has kissed another girl publicly (I just officially became homophobic and sexist with that last comment).

Let me make one thing clear: what Kim K. did was sinful and gross. It was not pleasing to the Lord and we need to pray for her repentance and salvation. However, I have a foundation to say that. Our culture does not.

By what objective foundation is Ms. Rivera appealing to that tells her “Kissing other girls and being a lesbian is OK, but it’s morally wrong to be naked in public provided that you have children to set an example for.” Where is this standard?

We live in a country that supports and has legalized the murder of millions of children. Where on earth does our country find the moral compass to be outraged over a girls butt while at the same time loves that that same naked girl has the right to kill her unborn child for any reason she deems necessary?

Our country has even taken a liberal stance on pornography! Very few people in our secular country believe pornography to be spiritually damaging (because we don’t believe in spirits anymore). Thus, unless you’re famous, you can’t be naked. Unless you’re naked for an “artistic” purpose other than magazine covers that is….

Our country is blind and broken.

If you take issue with what Kim K did (as I do) I have a question for you. If you find it inappropriate or wrong, I have one question for you:

Says who?

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