A (Visual) is Worth A Thousand Words

I saw a powerful and devastating image today that truly sums up the evolution of my culture.

It was a beautiful, warm, fall day in Alamosa, CO. Church went well this Sunday morning which put me in the best of moods, so I decided to lace up my running shoes and go for a jog. When the whether gets chilly, it serves as a wonderful excuse to be lazy. Therefore, this was my first run in over a week. On top of my 215 lb frame, 20 minutes was harder than it should be. Nonetheless, as I rounded the corner to my campus, I checked my watch, and stopped running the second it hit 20:00. I was winded and breathing heavily. Immediately following, I walked past a car parked on the sidewalk. The moment I passed by  another student swung open the passenger door. It took a second, but the drift of marijuana that exploded through the car was overwhelming. It was a stark juxtaposition to the clean Alamosa air filtering through the green, orange, yellow and red autumn leaves in the trees encompassing me that was occupying my weary lungs. Especially since I was already breathing so hard, the stench was unquenchable; I felt attacked.
As I quickly cocked my head to get a glance at the car that provided the intensity of the smell still stuck in my nostrils, I saw the car drive off. On the back bumper was the faint and fading outline of a removed Jesus fish.

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