How Ray Rice Could End the Drama

Ray Rice is a former professional football player as of today. He was fired by the Baltimore Ravens and suspended indefinitely for a landed left hook which left his then girlfriend unconscious (which apparently knocked all sense out of her because she recently married him). 

The release and suspension came shortly after  a full video was released to the public of Ray Rice hitting the woman (Viewer discretion advised: 

He at first received a two game suspension after a video showed him dragging his wife out of an elevator and his admission that he hit her. 

Of course, after he received a measly two game suspension, the nation exploded in rage. Josh Gordon was suspended for an entire year for a marijuana bust, Matt Prater and Wes Welker got four game suspensions. The former for beer and the latter for Adderall. Thus, the nation collapsed. The appall that a man who knocked a woman out cold would get half the consequences as the party animal or the bar-regular. Now that the full video came out, the league was able to back track and redo their blunder, and everyone else is getting to further rip Ray Rice to shreds. 

What is not being recognized here is how the country is shooting themselves in the foot. 

Our secular society is refuting itself. Ray Rice could win. 

Ray Rice could end the debate and he could finish the drama with one simple question. Two words, one sentence. 

“Says who?”

It’s over. 

Our post-modern, naturalistic, secular society has been preaching to us Christians ever since I can remember that truth is relative, morality is relative, and pushing beliefs on other people is a no-no. 

Why is Ray Rice and the NFL not afforded that privilege? 

Beating a woman is worse than smoking pot…..says who? 
That sounds like an objective moral standard we are all imposing on Mr. Rice.
Beating a woman is bad. Says who? 

The image of God is bursting through the seams of our God-suppressing culture. 
They believe in objective morality and they believe in imposing that on all those who break it. They’re evangelists. 

All Ray Rice needs to do is give them a taste of their own medicine. What if his truth is that beating women isn’t that bad? What if it’s his truth that smoking pot and doing drugs is a much more severe crime than hitting a girl? What if he doesn’t believe anything is wrong at all?

Who are you, oh culture, to judge him? What’s with all the hate America? Look at all these intolerant bigots who think their ideas about how to treat a woman are the ONLY right ones! How dare you act like his ideas on how to treat a woman are inferior to your personal beliefs on that subject?

Keep preaching the good news America. You’re right, beating a woman is sinful. It is wrong. And those words only exist if the God of the Bible exists also. 
I, as a Christian, have an objective, consistent foundation to call the elevator incident objectively wrong and sinful. 

What’s yours? 

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